New Eagles Single Free Download from

Not a question , though what is your opinion of the new single. I give it 9/10 . It’s also available as a free download to Amazon UK customers with a UK IP address through the new album page here

The album doesnt seem to be on for some reason

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2 Responses to “New Eagles Single Free Download from”

  1. corrosionfactor says:

    Rock and roll never forgets, says Bob Seger, and in this case rock and roll will never forget Eagles are bandwagoning on Nashville’s Music Ruination Row. I heard the single excitedly premiered by a known wimp/light rock loving DJ here and wanted to puke, but then again I never have been an Eagles fan. By far their worst work since they last recorded (well, except for the moments Joe Walsh is allowed through, everything they record is horrid and overproduced schock).

  2. rainbowwishes says:

    i clicked on the site and nothing happened,,

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