New Ebay Seller, Please Help?

I am a new eBay seller and a full-time college student, I need your help.
Do I have to get reseller certificate if I buy goods from a wholesaler that is outside U.S.?
Do I have to collect sale tax if I only sell 3 items a week (cause I am a new seller)? If yes, then Do I need to get any paper work to do that or just add number in sale tax box on eBay?
Do I have to pay federal tax at the end of year if I only make less than $400 in total? (not deducted)
eBay or Paypal only submit form 1099-k to IRS and give me one if I make $20k AND 200 transaction, Is it right?
P/S: just want to make it clear from what I had read on eBay forum and online. Thanks!

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