New Job As A Sales Advisor?

I’m starting my new job at H&M as a sales advisor, what does this role entail? I’ve also never used a till before, I’m 16. Also I’m so nervous about having to deal with people who are returning items.. what do I do? I’m stressing out so much..

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3 Responses to “New Job As A Sales Advisor?”

  1. Fairdo4all says:

    In plain English, you are starting a job as a shop assistant. (All jobs get a fancy name nowadays, it makes people feel better about their work. A Bin man is now Refuse Disposal Operator. A Shop Assistant is now a Retail Sales Advisor. A Salesman is now a Sales Executive. A Clerk is now an Office Administrator. etc etc etc )

    Don’t worry, they well know that a 16 year old has no experience and will train you in all the duties that you will be carrying out. 3 months from now you will laugh at the fact you were worried.

  2. LuĂ­zA says:

    You’re so lucky, I know I could do it but never get replies.. Anyways, you’ll be advising the customers on what they should buy if they ask you, if you get returns it’s not you who always has to deal with the situation because you’re not the manager. You’ll be trained and know exactly what to do in each situation. Some stores even make sure you know about the availability of every single item. You have to be able to work under pressure and know how to calm the customer down.


  3. DR + Mrs Bears face says:

    Chill out.
    No one is born knowing how to do everything.
    Learn one thing at a time.
    You will be taught all your need to know before facing a customer by yourself.
    There is no problem with people returning items. You just learn which buttons to press on the till just as you do with any other transaction.

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