New toilet will not flush toilet paper?

I have purchased the above toilet awith 6 litre low level concealed cistern and it takes 3-4 flushes to get rid of toilet paper. Has anyone any suggestions how I could improve flush power?
The cistern is filling as much as it can. If I am unable to position the cistern any higher is there any other way of increasing the pressure of the water that is released?

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4 Responses to “New toilet will not flush toilet paper?”

  1. John says:

    Can you open it to see if it is filling to the maximum. If not then I think you are stuck with it. Sorry – put it down to experience.

  2. Bazza says:

    Increase the capacity of the cistern and/or raise it in height.

  3. pucman1961 says:

    If is either not enough water is getting through at one time or because the stored water is not gravity fed. I was looking at the picture and looks like the stored water is not stored high enough to get that rush of water to give a proper flush. The higher the water the faster the flush. I am just going by what i can see by the picture.

  4. nanaangela says:

    Ah ha, you have fallen victim to propaganda concerning low level 6lt cistern. Guidelines telling us this is good/excellent for environment. Which it is………because it wont flush as you want it to. So, you need to either pick out the toilet paper and dispose of it in another waste bin or……………change your system -don’t believe everything you hear about the way to go on environmental issues.

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