NHS optical voucher?

I’m wanting to get my friend a gift certificate for a pair of designer frames for his birthday. I went into the optician today and was told that, being a full-time college student, he would qualify for an NHS optical voucher if he were due for a sight test. How often are these tests performed? I would ask him directly, but I don’t want to blow the surprise.

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  1. Angelic.A says:

    Was this at specsavers? I’m a full time student too and they gave me a free eyetest and NHS voucher as it had been over 2 years since my last appointment. So the answer is every two years, unless he only recently started to wear glasses because after I first started wearing glasses I think I had another free checkup after either 6 months or a year (can’t remember sorry!)

  2. Micheal J says:

    bad gift

  3. boredofjustbeingmum says:

    the voucher covers the cost of lenses not frames, you can get free nhs frames which tend to be nasty, you would still have to fork out for the designer frames. i think the tests are yearly

  4. Me says:

    Tests are performed depending on the condition of your eyes, usually its every year if they are changing or every two years if they are changing only slightly.

    He can get new frames without a test if he has a copy of his prescription, which he should have been given at his last check.

    Very imaginative gift – well done 🙂

  5. Bec says:

    Under 18’s can have an eye exam every 12 months.
    If your friend is 19 or over then he will not be able to have an NHS test unless he has a HC2 certificate, this is given to people who have little or no income, you have to fill a form out detailing every bit of money you receive and spend (a HC1 form) then send this away to the NHS if they think you are eligible then they’ll give you the HC2 certificate.
    It’s a nice idea but be sure you buy it at the opticians he normally goes to, or take him shopping on the day of his birthday and explain how much you are willing to pay, like if someone bought me specsavers vouchers I’d be really unhappy, print a homemade voucher saying "£x towards the glasses of your choice" that way he can choose where to spend it, if it was me I’d prefer that.

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