NHS Voucher redeemable at Specsavers?

i am 16 and after an eye test i was given an nhs voucher.

can this voucher be used with contact lenses????
how much are contact lenses????

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  1. Baby says:

    Yes you can use your NHS voucher for contact lenses at specsavers. The value of this voucher depends on the strength of your prescription. The cost of your lenses will also depends on your prescription, for example if you have significant astigmatism, and the type of lens you go for, monthly, two weekly, daily etc.

    Book yourself in for a contact lens fitting appointment to get more information specific to your eyes

  2. Lexi says:

    call them and ask. You might also try Boots.

  3. =) says:

    i have no idea
    the best thing to do is phone or go into specsavers and they will be able to tell u everything you need to know!

  4. EMILY VI says:

    I’m not sure about contact lenses.
    I got £70 off my glasses lenses so I know it definately counts for them.
    You’re better off asking in store 😉

  5. kaeylarae says:

    It can be used at specsavers yes.I use mine there. Also if you want to use it for contact lenses then you can but you don’t get much for your money.It is more economical for specs. Having said that they do discounts on contacts and are the best place around in my opinion in which to get them from.
    Wishing you luck X

  6. RT says:

    Different people receive different types of vouchers depending on their prescription. Mine allows me to get much cheaper frames for the glasses but anything extra like scratch proof lenses will cost more..

    I’m not sure how it would work with contacts though

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