NHS Voucher > Specsavers > Vision Express etc? ?

Can you use a NHS Voucher in other places except Specsavers? Do i also need to be like ”registered” or something with Specsavers, and how do i get one of these Vouchers, i know imeligiblee for one.
Cheers for the help!
Awesome, cheers!
Im sick of my ugly glasses with a thin frame 🙁
I want to start wearing them more as i do have terrible eye problems, so i want to get something more flash, with the nhs voucher it will be great, and i won’t have to pay much!
I know that if i went to my optitions, they will send me on my way, because i would never wear my glasses, and they just think i was wasting their time! In the end they gave up and i havn’t had an eye test for over 2 years now.. it’s terrible i know :l
Anyway, thanks again!

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  1. dizzycatmojo says:

    No you don’t have to register you can use any optician that you like. Go and have a chat with the opticians receptionist they will tell you exactly how to go about using your voucher which is a form that is filled in at the opticians, this can be used with any optician that accepts NHS

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