Nhs Voucher To Replace Lost Glasses?

I am over 16 and have misplaced my glasses. Currently on benefits and was not given a new prescription on my last sight test. I am not due to be tested again till next year. Will the nhs give me a voucher towards a replacement. Specsavers seem to think they won’t but if I went elsewhere would they?

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2 Responses to “Nhs Voucher To Replace Lost Glasses?”

  1. Bree says:

    If they won’t a paying job will. Call your NHS they can answer that question for you.

  2. Haggi says:

    As you qualify for an optical voucher then yes you should be able to get a replacement voucher. Contact your local Primary Care Trust and they will help you. This information is on Specsavers web site so you would think they’d actually know this!
    Another option is if the optician (not the shop staff) felt you needed an eye test because your prescription might have varied. Headaches etc.

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