no claims discount and 2 cars?

i have a new car but want to keep my other and use both. how do i go about using my no claims discount ive used on the other car for the new car im about it get

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4 Responses to “no claims discount and 2 cars?”

  1. Neil B says:

    You can only use it on one with most insurance companies, some (like Admiral and Direct Line) do offer a discounted rate for a second car insured with them though.

  2. EvelynThe ModifiedDog. says:

    You don’t, NCB is only used on one car at a time.

  3. frey says:

    You can only use your NCD on one vehicle at one time. Sometimes companies will give you a discount if you insure your 2nd car with them if you have your first car already with them, but these discounts may be minimal and not everyone does this.

    Essentially, you’ll be starting from scratch on your second car. Depending on claims and convictions though, you may be offered a certain amount of introductory discount.

    Despite popular belief, multicar policies are NOT always the cheapest option. Shop around and get the best price you can for each individual vehicle.

  4. Timbo is here says:

    You simply cannot do that – a NCB built up on one car can only be used on one car at a time

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