No claims discount, only one car?

Im about to buy a second car, I was doing an insurance quote for it and it says that you can only use your no claims discount on one car. is this correct??
I dont get it, as i have had no claims on the first car, why cant I apply for a no claims discount on my new car?
Any help appreciated, thanks.

P.S. Also, if I want the no claims discount to apply to my new car, then so i have to ring up my other insurance and take off the no claims for that car?
My first car is group 10 T reg corsa 1.6 and my new car will be group 5 05 plate Focus 1.6. So the Corsa is higher spec, but it’s older.

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6 Responses to “No claims discount, only one car?”

  1. Insomniac says:

    I’m in the UK, with morethan (try who should give you a ‘considerable’ discount on the second car, especially if you are willing to pay a fairly large excess of say, 250 pounds, and can tell them the mileage will be only about 7,000 per year. Otherwise try Admiral for ‘multicar’. Is the second car something special? You may need specialist insurance for a classic or modified car. In short, the bigger saving to you will be from applying the NCD to the bigger-engined, higher grouped, more used car. Don’t let them screw you with "administration" charges – morethan let me make about four changes a year without cost, whereas some companies want 50 quid for one change of details!

  2. Buddha says:

    That is correct. You can only have it on one car.

  3. cazz says:

    yes its correct u can only use your no claims bonus on one car, u have to build up a second bonus on your second car.. if you ring a broker maybe some times they can mirror your bonus or else give you driving experience for it, a broker is the best way to go (on the fone and not online) cuz they use loads of different companies and they can tell you which ones will mirror you bonus or which ones can give you driving experience.

    If you want to take your bonus from teh old car to the new car u will be charged an additional preium on the old car plus u might loose a year
    for example if you have 2 years bonus and ur in the middle of your 3rd year, say your renewal date os in november, then u still only have 2 years bonus and u wont be at 3 years till nov, so u will loose out on your 3 rd year, it wont be worth it!

  4. Zlatoie U says:

    you have to shop around and see which insurance company will accept no claims discount for both cars

  5. Helen H says:

    Yes, no claims can only be applied to one car. Be aware that nearly all Insurance Companies talk to each other (computer linked), and are aware if you make a false statement to any one of them. Shop around, be honest about this being a second car, and see who will give you the best deal. I would think that the company who insures your first car, would give you the best deal overall. I wish you luck.

  6. Bardic says:

    It is a "gift" from the insurers, not a legal right. They’re not obliged to give you any at all, in fact. Like all gifts, you only get it once.

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