No claims discount question?

When I sold my car 2 years ago, I had accidentally knocked 2 cars in car parks on seperate occasions and these went notified but ‘not protected’ on my car insurance. Now I have bought another car and have lost my ‘no claims discount’ it seems. I will have to pay over £800 annually for my car insurance. Can anyone tell me when my no claims discount will be effective again ? thanks

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3 Responses to “No claims discount question?”

  1. Stoneford says:

    So you sold your car 2 years ago – did you then buy a different car and continue to have car insurance?

    If you don’t hold car insurance continually, you lose any no claims discount entitlement after (usually) 2 years of not being insured.

    The moment you start a new insurance policy, you start building up no claims years again – unless of course you claim…

  2. Tony Mac says:

    each full year of no-claims counts towards the next years premium.
    unless you have a claim of course. then you have to wait 5 years before you dont have to declare yor claims. however, the insurane companies are not stupid …. been driving 10 years but only got 2 years no-claims discount?? obviously youve had a claim!

    anyway, the answer is 5 years

  3. EvelynThe ModifiedDog. says:

    You’ll get a year at the end of the first year’s insurance, another at the end of the second etc….

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