What’s the deal with these so called private ads about no mortgage deposit and monthly pay to buy a house in London?
Anyone knows?

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  1. BullRooster says:

    It could be one of 50 things but I guarantee you the deal is no better than anywhere else. It might be like the banks ads of really good finanicng rates (3% financing on home loans). Its real but only available to the 1% of the popluation with perfect credit and this 1% of the population would never apply for this loan anyhow. Everyone else goes in and they just quote you a rate way higher than the ad saying you "didn’t qualify" for the low rate (almost nobody does).

  2. Go with the flow says:

    Remember this: Everyone is out to scam you.
    It could be a rent to own type scam (very popular in the US).
    Or it could be a send money upfront type scam.

    Just because you are not paranoid, does not mean they are not out to get you.

  3. Farmer Lady says:

    You have not posted any links to prove what you are saying, as far as I know, NOBODY offers no mortgage deposit and monthly pay to buy a house because it would be madness to do so. The risk of default would be 100% so nobody in their right minds would offer that. Lets use a bit of common sense here, if you have no money for a deposit, how on earth will you be able to repay the high monthly repayments?

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