Nokia 5310 phone and deal?

I am looking into buying the Nokia 5310.
Is is a good phone?
What is the Xpress Music deal?

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4 Responses to “Nokia 5310 phone and deal?”

  1. neil c says:

    i quite like the looks of it but apparently it has a tendancy to freeze a lot – 3 of my friends have owned them and had to send them back to be repaired but dont let that put you off – i think the newer ones have been updated.

    the xpress music deal means you can download as much music as you like from the nokia website for free for a year – absoultely free. nokia signed a deal with a lot of the major record labels so there are millions of songs on there and you can download as many as you like in a year.

    on pay as you go they are around £130 🙂

  2. nseriesfan says:

    Buy it, it has dedicated audio chip for better and clear sound. and bright 2.1 tft screen

  3. bkuma says:

    no 3G
    no WiFi. 🙁

  4. Harvs says:

    You can get this handset from as little as £69.95 on the web, if you’d prefer to get it in a high street store then I’d recommend looking at somewhere like Carphone Warehouse as their handsets are all unlocked so you could use your existing SIM and just buy the cheapest version (from £82 at moment). The Nokia music deal is basically free access and downloads from their website, You get a PIN with the phone that you just enter after you download Nokia Music to your PC/Laptop then you get the free access to it

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