Nokia N95 Deal Advice?

I want to go on contract and I want a Nokia N95 8GB Black. I was just wondering what the best deal was if I wanted Unlimited Texts and "X-Amount" of minutes? I dont care about the minutes or the network really, just want unlimited free texts and the free phone?

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  1. Jack B says:

    You wont find a better deal for the N95 8Gb than (thats where i got mine from and i can tell you i spent about a week doing my research)

    If you don’t care about minutes i’d say go for the Dolphin 30 package on Orange.

    Thats £30 a month for unlimited texts and 400 any network minutes. On top of getting the actual phone though you get to chose a gift so with that particular one you get 8 months half price so if you work out the overall cost it will actually only set you back £23.33 a month.

    If your not a fan of Orange then i’d go with O2 600 or 1200 (the numbers represent the amount of mins you get). They work out at £27.25 and £22.50 after gift reductions…

    i could list all the prices but you might as well look for yourself. I’ll leave the link below. The site is easy to navigate, just follow the link and find a deal that best suits you.

  2. manghostingblue says:

    T-Mobile there unlimited Texting is $14.99
    and you could get the lowest package that they have which is $29.99

  3. Perry says:

    Free Nokia N95 8GB Black with Free handset Price and Unlimited texts can be bought on O2 and Vodafone Network Contracts. Wants to see detailed deal list just go for the source below

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