Nokia n96 contract deal on o2 worth it or not and some stuff on deal information.?

FREE Nokia N96 Mobile Phone
3 Months Half Price Line Rental (Usually £30.00)
Redeemable Cash Back of £45.00
Save £45.00 on this deal
Unlimited text messages to use at anytime
Total Contract Cost £675.00 (£28.13) over the 24 Months Contract from online

And also what does it mean by Redeemable Cash Back, Any
unlimited text messages – does that apply to all networks, what is instant cash back and can i set up the contract in the o2 stores in town instead of doin it on Thanks

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2 Responses to “Nokia n96 contract deal on o2 worth it or not and some stuff on deal information.?”

  1. Kammy says:

    Hi raquazer….you can get better deals out there! 24 months is a pretty long time.

    I would recommend that you use a comparison. The link below compares hundreds of contracts on the Nokia N96

    Go to

    Having said that, the deal is not too bad. But 2 years will not go quick enough, and trust me, you will be tired of that phone by then 🙂

    Yes, unlimited messages on O2 are to all networks, but I would double check this is what you are getting.

    Reemable cashback is money you have to claim back, normally by sending in forms.

    Of course you can get an O2 contract in store, but the deals online are much better because costs are less for retailers. I would really recommend you using a comparison site such as this: – it compares the deals for you!

    Hope you make a good coice!

  2. rennickelizabe says:

    the cash back scheme is you send it your 6th 12th and 18month bills and they give you back 45 pounds i don’t think you can do it in o2 stores it sounds ok to me but its your decision

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