Nordstrom Return/exchange Policy Without A Receipt?

so my mom’s friend works at nordstrom and got me a discount on these boots i wanted but when she gave them to me they didn’t fit and i dont wanna bother her to return it so i wanna do it myself but i don’t have the receipt and dont wanna ask her for it because she might get offended i didn’t like them. but im also scared if i return them or something they’ll scan the sticker tag things and see that there was an employee discount and my mom’s friend might get in trouble for that? since she used her discount on me and im not in close relation to her. im not sure. PLEASE don’t say just ask for the receipt / give it to her to return. i really can’t.
So if I go to return the discounted boots without the receipt (but with the sticker tags still on) will my mom’s friend who works there get in trouble for using her discount on me? and will they refund me cash or something?

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