Nrhh: Dave Bought Himself A Personalised Hip Flask?

It was actually really cheap, stainless steal and you can get it engraved for free
I also bought a pocket watch and monocle.
You can buy it here if you want one:…
BQ: Ask Dave/Gary Glitter a question?

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5 Responses to “Nrhh: Dave Bought Himself A Personalised Hip Flask?”

  1. Ruff Ryder5 *Josh* says:

    Wait, are you Dave the Bone thugs stan?

  2. Invalid (WLAK) says:

    BQ – I didn’t know you were Dave! What caused the transition from Dave to Gary Glitter?

  3. Big Bang Theorist says:

    BQ: Halo or COD?

  4. MCXD *Gone 4 Halo 4!* says:

    i was looking at flasks too, they don’t make any big enough though. guess i need stronger alcohol.

  5. Adam says:

    adams not 21 and his government is nazicunts and there willing to send me to a war but I cant drink yet but hey weeds legal in 2 states know

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