Nsh Optical Voucher Help!!?

i recently went to my opticians and was diagnosed as short sighted, which explains much lol. Anyway, They have given me a voucher type A as im only 0.25 and I get NHS tax credit exception as my mum gets it. I was also told that the voucher origionally comes out at £20. Is this right?

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4 Responses to “Nsh Optical Voucher Help!!?”

  1. kdawg says:

    If you’re only -0.25 then it’s unlikely that glasses will make any real difference to you.

    Anyway, they have no obligation to give you free glasses – and there is no such thing as NHS specs – hasn’t been for over 20 years. The voucher is just a payment towards the glasses. An A voucher is worth about £36 but most practices just exchange it for a pair of lenses – and sometimes a frame – some places will have a cheap range and may give you those for no charge other than the voucher.

  2. aaarrgghh! says:

    Yes thats about right, if you need glasses ask the optitions which glasses are in their NHS range, they are not always the classiest glasses but they are not too bad.

  3. Eva says:

    If u are the age of below 18 then u are entitled to NHS glasses (for free) and need to ask them to show u the range. To be honest they are not amazing or designers but u if u spend time looking u will find some pairs that u like.
    If u dont ask they will not inform u in what u are entitled to especially if they are free. and if they are free i would go back couple of months later and get another pair free as they do break easily.

  4. lisa says:

    i went to specsavers recently for a eye test and was told i needed stronger glasses. the ones in the nhs range that i would get 4 free as i dont work were horrid. i chose a pair of jasper conran glasses for £125. but because i dont work i only had 2 pay £40 for them.

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