Nurse At Er Denied Me Pain Medication For A Kidney Stone, Can I Sue Them?

I was taken by ambulance to the ER because I could not talk do to pain from a kidney stone. I had no choice but to call an ambulance because I’m low income and only had enough money to take a cab there and wouldn’t be able to pay to get back home(and don’t know anyone around here). Ironic isn’t that? A cab ride would have been $6. Yet social services won’t provide any cab vouchers. It was not in any condition to drive.
I got there and, first they wouldn’t let me pee(while I was having bladder contractions from pain). I kept yelling I have to pee the whole way there, and they said policy I have to remained restrained. Finally, when they let me out of the bondage, I got into the ER and they acted like it was no big deal. I finally said well if you won’t let me piss I will piss all over you. They finally relented and gave me a urinal.
Once I got into a bed(they took forever), The nurse said what is your pain level 10 is you can’t talk. I said 9, although it was 10 when the pulses of pain and contractions came through. I asked If I could have some pain medication, I basically asked for help and comfort. She was horribly rude and condescening. She taunted me saying she wasn’t sure if I would get any pain meds it would just “depend”- she was treating me as if I was a drug seeking – very rude.
Finally, the doctor came in, and he said he would make me comfortable and give me some IV pain meds. Then the nurse came back in and said, almost sadistically. This is just a “starter” you will get more in a little bit. I got a small pulse of relief which lasted about 5 mins and was able to relax for a little bit. I kept asking for more and she keep treating me like a druggie and playing an almost sadistic game with me. I a fragment of the stone right before I went into the catscan.
When I got out, it still burned and I wasn’t sure if that was just a fragment of a big stone larger like a golf ball or something. She said put your cloths on and get out your done. I said hell no, I just went through all that radiation. I want you to at LEAST look at the catscan results. My body was spewing ketones, and all my blood levels were elevated due to shock from lack of pain control.
I asked her for some more of the pain med. She chucked and laughed at me and said haha, you already passed the stone you don’t need pain meds. While actually, I suffer from several other pain conditions. They didn’t even bother to look at my medical records, several times I told them too.
Also I am allergic to antibiotics and suffer from permanent tendon damage and I am on disability from antibiotic induced injuries. The nurse game me oral antibiotics(that have a black box warning of tendon damage) without even consulting me first.
I also asked her if she would write down the name of the antibiotic she gave me and she laughed sarcastically and said she would not, she would only verbally tell me. The way she treated me with no bedside manner was humiliating, after a kidney stone. Also
I’m left in permanent worse pain that wasn’t there before due to the nurse withholding the pain meds, she may have taken the other doses herself and diverted them? I am emotionally traumatized from the event and would never go back there again, I will be forced to go to another hospital 30 miles away next time. And also they didn’t look at my health history and gave me the type of antibiotics for which I am on disability for.
What can I do to file a complaint against her, and can I sue her and the hospital for denying me pain medication?

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2 Responses to “Nurse At Er Denied Me Pain Medication For A Kidney Stone, Can I Sue Them?”

  1. Kim says:

    Let someone like a lawyer know. They will inform you on if theyve commited any crime

  2. ? says:

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