NUS UK Council Tax Discount?

Am i able to get any sort of discount on my council tax as an NUS card holder? I am not a full time student.

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2 Responses to “NUS UK Council Tax Discount?”

  1. spring_rainbows says:

    No, only full time students don’t pay council tax and receive deductions. If you live alone, you can get a 25% discount based on that but part time students don’t get any discounts!

  2. peachschnappereturns says:

    It depends on what you class as F/T- for council tax purposes a F/T student is :

    Studying at college, uni or polytechnic for 21hrs per week or more for at least 24 weeks of the academic yr (21 hrs can be combination of study/tuition or work experience).

    If your under 20 then you can also qualify if,

    you are on a course at A level equiv or below and study for at least 12hrs per week on a course that lasts 3 month or more.

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