NVP Discount Factor Calculation?

Hi, I m currently studying about NVP Calculation. I m looking at this exam solution and I dont understand how the discount factor is calculate
Here it is:
If the discount rate to be used is 10% in real terms and the corporate tax rate is 28%
p.a. produce an NPV for the project.
Net cash flow -£904,000___£240,300___£243,815___£249,746___£639,324
Discount factors 1.000000___0.865801___0.749611___0.649014___0.561917
PV cash flows -£904,000___£208,052___£182,766___£162,088___£359,247
NPV £8,15
I dont understand how the Discount factors is calculated and where the 10% discount rate and 28% tax rate were used. Any help is appreciated. Thank you
NPV Calculation, not NVP. Sorry for the spelling mistake.
I can understand the discount rate is 10%, meaning 1/1+10%=0.909 for 1st year.but look at the number its 0.865, which means the corporation tax rate have something to do with it. And I cant figure out where or how.
and the inflation rate is 5% if it helps.

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  1. AlanGreenspan says:

    The discount factor used in calculating present value is referred to as PVIF, it is the present value interest factor of £1 at an interest rate i% for n periods

    Since the first period in discounting of the value is 0 thus the PVIF = 0

    Here is the formula

    PVIF(i%,n) = (1+i%)^-n = 1/(1+i%)^n
    PVIF(10%,0) = 1/(1+10%)^0 = 1/(1.10)^0 = 1/1 = 1
    PVIF(10%,1) = 1/(1+10%)^1 = 1/(1.10)^1 = 1/1.10 = 0.909
    PVIF(10%,2) = 1/(1+10%)^2 = 1/(1.10)^2 = 1/1.21 = 0.8264
    PVIF(10%,3) = 1/(1+10%)^3 = 1/(1.10)^3 = 1.331 = 0.751

    You can opt to use an online PVIF Calculator here at http://thinkanddone.com/en-us/online-pvif-calculator.html

    Edit Hi Vinh

    It seems like your calculations are using a discount rate of 15.50%

    Here is how I found the rate


    And now you can check the other factors for t=2


    If the inflation rate was 5.5% then the discount rate would be 10%+5.5% = 15.5%
    The tax rate has nothing to do with discounting, it is used for calculating after tax cash flows

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