Nys Childcare Voucher?

Ok so I have been a recipient of TANF since I was 18 years old..
I had my son at 18, and I had my daughter at age 20.
I am now 22 years old, single, I live on my own, my son is now 3, my daughter is now 1.
They are perfect ages for daycare. I have had small jobs since my daughter has gotten bigger, just the same as when I had jobs when my son had gotten bigger. I am in a small, economically depressed town, Jamestown, NY and if you have no college degree, you will find nothing that exceeds further than a min wage job part time.
I went a semester in college when I was 18 and pregnant, jumping into it, not knowing what I wanted to do (typical for lots of people after graduation), I attended all the way up until the last 2 weeks, I got so anxious, I had developed panic disorder that entire pregnancy, I felt I had no support, felt isolated, etc. I was pretty much an unprepared, pregnant, emotional female back then. I quit going.
Then when my son was about a year old I figured I’d be ok to go and try college again, I didn’t do any planning, I just jumped into it assuming my mom and family would help babysit, I didn’t have a car at the time, I assumed I’d be able to get rides, it ended up being another emotional rollercoaster.
So I told myself DO NOT go to college again until you,
1. Have a car
2. Until you know what you want to do and have a PLAN.
3. Until you set yourself up with childcare OUTSIDE of your family, and let family be there for you when you need a night to study instead.
So I have been working small goal by small goal, 1. Get a license, 2. Get a car 3. Get a job
And I achieved all of it 🙂
I got a small job (that’s really only what is available in my area, small part time min/wage jobs) I practiced driving so much I passed my road test the first test, I even got a car 2 weeks after I got my license. Then I tried a 2nd job in a city farther away from me doing collections but I couldn’t afford the gas it was like $100 a week, the job was only $200 a week, it was too expensive to move.
It was then I realized I need to start working with what I have available to me instead of trying to run away from it.
I took a Traffic Safety course last week which was referred to me by my car insurance agent for better rates. As I was in the class, I found myself FASCINATED by all the laws, rules and stories about police. It was then I realized what peaks my interest, what I would love to learn about: Criminal Justice.
So I am preparing to join the Criminal Justice A.S. program which prepares students for the Police Academy which is also in my local city.
This is a stable major with an outcome, I am going to put my ALL into this and ever since last week I have been filling out paperwork, making phone calls, applying for grants, more grants.
I cannot receive Federal Aid for tuition because of the two times I quit. However I have a TAP grant available since I didn’t use that the last semester I went.
So I can get tuition covered with the grant.
Now the only thing holding me back is CHILDCARE.
The NYS Department of Social Services will not support this! Because it is a ”regulation” students must be working 17 1/2 hours AND going full time in order to receive childcare.
I am just sick over this and I really do not know which options I have available.
Are there childcare grants or student loans for childcare in New York State I could receive?
The only thing I have yet to square away is childcare and I reeeally need it for any potential daycare providers someone please give me information if you know of anything..
I’d even take out a student loan if I can I’m desperate because I will live and breathe my classes the day they start, this is very important to me. Especially since I now know what I want to do. I now have answers.
I not only have the rest of spring but also summer to figure this out!!
The semester starts Fall 2013. I am doing lots of planning unlike the other times I want to be 100% prepared.
Thank you.
My email is also acsgirl01@gmail.com if anyone sees this when answers are already chosen as “best”, etc.

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One Response to “Nys Childcare Voucher?”

  1. cyanne2a says:

    There are lots of options available to you.
    1. Check with your university to see if their child development program operates a daycare. Often they do such a thing for students at significantly reduced rates.
    2. Apply for a Wlrk-Study position at the university. This pays you and also helps pay for college at the same time, and you can get a guaranteed 20 hrs of work per week so that you qualify for child care help.
    3. Talk to local churches and see if you can volunteer in their daycare for free childcare for your kids while you’re in class.

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