o2 Mobile Phone Voucher??

Bought a sim from argos, came with a mobile voucher on front, only 8 numbers long, how do i use n what is it for. Please dont post messages sayin i could of got 4 free from o2 because i know that n they would of took to long to arrive. Thanks

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2 Responses to “o2 Mobile Phone Voucher??”

  1. lindybug says:

    i think the o2 vouchers work the same way as the orange voucher dial the number to find out how much credit you have then it should give you a option to top up with a voucher then key in the 8 numbers and the credit should automatically go on

  2. Holly G says:

    I have no idea. But a top up code is 16 digits long. Is there another 8 underneath or anything. Sorry this might be of no help.

    Worth a try though eh..?? Lol x

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