Obama Is A Weak President Without Leadership?

Some members of the retrogrades Rifle Association take refuge in the second amendment to the constitution that has over 200 years old to continue with criminal sale of weapons, which have not only killed children worldwide, but have killed the only decent and innocent that remained for USA, slaughtering a few days ago to 20 American children. Obama can straighten this schizophrenic people?, Will have enough courage to do it?. I doubt it, but ask parents of children killed by the army in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Iran and many other countries.

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4 Responses to “Obama Is A Weak President Without Leadership?”

  1. March2 says:

    Your ‘question’ makes zero sense.

  2. Pagan says:

    And when you take guns from the people only the criminals will have guns.
    Washington, DC has a gun ban & a VERY high crime rate.
    Texas & Wyoming have an open carry law & a VERY low crime rate.
    IF you knew a store had a gun would YOU rob them or go for the one that has no gun?
    Guns do not kill, the person who pulls the trigger kills!

  3. M.j Lim says:

    Testimonies on the contrary would soon flow in from all over the world to proof that he is the best there is and also the strongest!

  4. David Smith says:

    I wish lack of leadership was the only problem. The enemy is within the gates.

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