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Becoming a Section 8 Lanlord
Becoming a Section 8 landlord is easy. If you have or will have an available unit, call 385-6126, ext. 301. Inform the staff person that you would like your unit on the Section 8 available list. Be prepared to provide the following information:
· Address of the unit
· Number of bedrooms
· Monthly rent
· What utilities are provide by the owner (if applicable)
· What appliances are provided by the owner
This information will be added to the appropriate bedroom size list. The list is then made available to all Section 8 Voucher holders. If interested, the prospective tenants will contact you. There is no charge to advertise your unit with the Section 8 program.
Once your property is rented, either to a Section 8 family or to a non-Section 8 family, please contact our office so we can remove it from the list.
Screening of Section 8 tenants is the responsibility of the owner. The owner may use whatever screening procedures (reference check, credit check, etc.) that he/she normally uses. If known, THA will provide you with the names and phone numbers of the tenant’s two most recent landlords.
If you agree to lease your unit to a Section 8 tenant, your unit must pass the Housing Quality Standards inspection.

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