Ok I have found a different dress what do you think?

Well it’ll have to do coz i have bought one now!
If you got it flaunt it thats what i say. lol
Just to add i actually love Jane norman and dont think of the brand being tacky at all.

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13 Responses to “Ok I have found a different dress what do you think?”

  1. Nora K says:

    I don’t like it because it looks cheap and looks kinda to reavling in the cleavage. Too much.


  2. Iolanda R says:

    I like!!

    It’s cute!!

  3. Bethany F says:

    Its cute, but a bit revealing

  4. Zirah says:

    Now this dress is much better then the other, i really like this one, I’m about to buy it myself

  5. Di Mack says:

    Seems you like your tittys hanging out so why not just put a see through top on and no bra?

  6. Danielle UK says:

    It’s still got that cheap look about it, very Jane Norman, I knew it was that without looking at the name! lol. If you like that sort of thing then yeah.. still kind of cheap looking (the dress), bad quality etc.
    I’m not sure, Jane Norman is like a "Blue Star" shop for Debenhams. Blue Star is basically…. if Dawn from Eastenders designed clothes

  7. LGirl says:

    A hooker in New York lost her dress and it’s on ebay.

  8. Lola says:

    ooo thats cute!!

  9. blissfull6 says:

    i like the style of the dress alot,it’s the pattern i hate!hope you have the boobies to fill it,and becarefull bending over lol,it’s cute i just looked again,just work it girl it’ll be fine!

  10. whtever123 says:

    i love it! a little revealing, but if u have to body to wear something like tht i bet its gonna look great! have fun wearing it cuz its is GORGEOUS!

  11. Clara H says:

    i hope it looks great

  12. Becky says:

    Real cute and i like the pattern. Wear it with black heel shoes.

  13. missrossy69 says:

    i love jane norman clothes, and i think that dress looks great. as long as you have the assets to fill it.lol

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