Okay, I Am In A 5 In Half Year Relationship. I Need To Leave…how?

Okay so we have been together for 5 in a half years. We have two daughters who are under the age of 3. We are engaged and living together. I am so fed up. We argue everyday, every single day. I wouldn’t mind it at all because its over nothing but the way he talks to me, so rude and degrading i just want to see him burn alive. So I need to leave with my girls. So i enrolled myself into school (because he works and pay the rent) so i can take advantage when i do graduate i can have a career and leave him with no problem. The issue: 1. he wont leave 2. he wont let me leave 3. I tried to enroll in welfare just to get a daycare voucher because i enrolled in school full time, case denied. 4. i cant work because i take care both my daughters and nobody else does. 5. im alone in this. So im asking what other options do i have? I need to leave him because im going to end up on that show SNAPPED, and i guess this is my first full warning, i cant do it anymore, i don’t love him anymore, i cant love anyone who treats me the way he does. He thinks he this hot **** but when im gone ill be able to be me and alone with no one telling me who what when where of me. Plus when im alone i get all the help i need, because im with him i don’t get ****. I don’t want to stay stuck anymore, im 23 and need to move on to the next chapter.

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One Response to “Okay, I Am In A 5 In Half Year Relationship. I Need To Leave…how?”

  1. Maggs says:

    Speak to your family and friends, maybe they could help you with support. If he’s being aggressive/physical/forcing you to stay, you could go to the police.

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