Old Xbox 360, New Tv, How Do I Get Hd ?

Okay, so I’ve got an old Xbox 360, like from 2006 or something ridiculous. It’s ancient.
I’ve got a new Samsung TV, with one component port and two HDMI ports.
The Xbox is so old that it doesn’t have HDMI ports or any of that, it just has the one output of an AV HD Component cable (I think that’s what it’s called). It’s got 6 wires coming out in two groups of 3. A Yellow, Red, White group, and a Red, Blue, Green group.
I’ve always used the YRW combo and had standard definition, but now I’m fed up of it after 7 years. I found out that original xbox’s have only analogue display outputs or something, and only go as good as 720p, but that’s fine. If someone knows a way to get 1080, even better…
So I bought this adapter, hoping it would help. http://www.amazon.co.uk/InLine%C2%AE-Scart-Adapter-plug-Composite/dp/B001JKLIRE/ref=sr_1_1?s=computers&ie=UTF8&qid=1352986207&sr=1-1
Since I’ve got it I’ve tried every combination of wires, switches and settings imaginable, but nothing shows up on the screen. Ever. And the frustrating thing is the one component slot on the TV, so I’m always switching between the old scart adapter and the new one, to see which buttons I’m pressing on the 360 Dashboard.
Is this adapter the best way to go, or not ? I’d love if someone could say no, and tell me exactly what to do, cus my head is full of swear words in frustration at 480p.
Please help if you understood all that jumble of words and stuff… If you didn’t understand, thanks for trying and reading all the way to here…

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3 Responses to “Old Xbox 360, New Tv, How Do I Get Hd ?”

  1. Ultracom says:

    I have no idea why you would need an adapter when you can just use composite cables. They’ll display the picture in HD just like an HDMI cable would.
    I can’t really tell what you wrote but it seems that you do have those cables already, right? If the picture is still 480p on your HDTV it could be that you don’t have the correct settings or your cables are faulty.
    As far as the whole 720p and 1080p thing goes, most Xbox 360 games only go as far as 720p anyway with a few exceptions.

  2. Bone Alone says:

    You can use the component cables to get 1080p. The 360 doesn’t display true 1080p, it’s an upconversion.
    Plug the group of blue, green, red into your tv. Then the white and red into your tv. Obviously, blue into blue, green into green. Make sure you plug the red that’s in the group with the green and blue into the plugs that includes the blue and green group. The red that’s with the blue and green is a video feed, while the red from the yellow and white group is an audio feed.
    At the other end of the cable that plugs to the 360, there should be a tab that lets you switch between SD and HD. You need to switch it to HD. Then you need to go into the menu and change the outputs to component, 1080p, etc.

  3. onion says:

    Ok first up, that scart adaptor is useless for HD, scart is not an HD standard, so throw it away. Here’s exactly how to set it up
    1 On the Xbox AV cable, on the side it plugs in to the xbox, you should see a switch it says “HDTV at one end “TV” at the other. Flick the switch to HD.
    2 ignore the yellow plug, this is for standard def, make sure you get the plugs in the right slots. The video plugs, should be partly grey to avoid getting them mixed up with the audio. Plug them in to the correct component jacks, of the same colour, on the back of the TV, you’ll also need to use the red and white audio slots for sound. They shou;d be next to them.
    3 Once you’ve done this, turn on the TV, and find the channel that the component out puts to. On most, its usually AV3.
    Then on the Xbox scroll over to system settings, and then find your display settings, it should have set its self to HD, but if not, this is where you do this. Just play around with these settings until it works correctly. Since the TV is brand new, I’d imagine it should allow 1080p.
    That’s it, it should now be working.

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