On California Llc Tax Voucher, What Does Dba Stand For?

california form 3522 has a field to enter the “DBA”. I do not know what that stands for. Can anyone help? Calling the franchise tax board is a joke and the written instructions give no information on this.

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2 Responses to “On California Llc Tax Voucher, What Does Dba Stand For?”

  1. SgtArmyW says:

    Doing Business As (DBA)
    For example, “Max Mills dba Maximum Speed Sports Bikes” fits more neatly on a tax form than “Max Mills doing business as Maximum Speed Sports Bikes.” Other terms for a DBA include “assumed name” and “trade name,” and DBA sometimes refers to the paperwork necessary to register such a name.

  2. Tsu Nimh says:

    DBA = Doing Business As
    It’s the business name you advertise, the name your customers call you.
    It can be the same as the name of the LLC

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