One Of The Reasons Why I Hate India – Reason 1?

The other day i went to an university in Bangalore to get admitted to a graduate course. After all formalities, i went to the office to collect prospectus and other required documents.
I had to pay 400Rs for the application form and the tution fee of 30,000 Rs and other fee of 10,000Rs.
My parents are wage workers and the only source for the money would be by working hard. we don’t even have own house and we live in a rented house. So our life is kind of hard when it comes to money.
All the money we get is sufficient for Rent, Food and all other bills. So end of the month we don’t get anything to save.
When i got admitted, i saw couple of guys who paid 100Rs for prospectus and only tution fee of 8,000Rs and they all looked well dressed and even some of them were with cars and their parents even wore thick gold chains. Even they filled some forms for scholarships.
I was really surprised, shocked and intimidated at the same time by observing this. So i went to the office and asked the officers , why they have taken higher fee for me and low fee for them. The answer he gave me was ” They belong to SC/ ST schedule”.
My instant reaction was WTF. The only reason i had to pay so hefty amount was because i belong to ”General category”!!!!!!!!
I know that there are people who belong to SC/ST are economically poor and this is true when it comes to rural parts and some how true even for some people who live in urban places . But this incident happened in cosmopolitan city like bangalore and many of their parents work in governmental jobs.
I agree that the economically weaker people in the society should get discounts in all domains. No matter what religion, caste or ethnic group he or she belongs to.
This is completely insane to provide discounts for people only on the fact that they belong to either backward class or religious minority in the society despite of their economic status.
The truth is that all general category people are not rich and all backward caste people are not poor.
This is a complete face of discrimination even in world’s largest democratic country in 21 st century.
I am really dissatisfied with the Indian constitutional procedure and other standards ,when it comes to providing appropriate financial and economical help for people in need.
I can assure that i belong to economically backward class in the society and we dont have a steady income , so it is really not a favorable treatment only because i belong to “”GM”.
I wish that our constitution should change this kind of discrimination and provide economical discounts for people who are poor.

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