” Only Available At Ortho Mattress ” Why Lie ?

While watching TV this last few days, there are MANY advertisements about the Presidents Weekend mattress sales. Temperpedic, Serta Simmons & Sealy are all having special events. Some companies control what the minimum price a ” dealer ” can sell their mattresses for….THEY tell the dealer when they can have a sale on what AND for how much. A dealer CAN always sell for more BUT NOT discount below the level dictated by the manufacturer. Otherwise the manufacturer will pull their product and quit shipping to the offending dealer.
So….when Temperpedic tells ALL it’s dealers WHAT & WHEN they have a sale……WHY would a ” dealer ” like Ortho Mattress, say in their commercial that the ” sale ” is ONLY available at Ortho Mattress stores ? Not only is it untrue, but is this indicative of the companies ethics ? !

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