Opening A Liquor Store Just A Little Short On Capital To Open.?

Until earlier this year I had a restaurant. When I saw the demographic in the area changing and my sales falling I secured a new location for a small liquor store. created anew LLC, signed a 10 year lease and started on remodeling the building. I secured insurance from farmers 1,000,000 in coverage, liquor license approval, series 10 beer and wine, and Equiptment. But before I could open the new location my original restaurant had to close. It started sucking me dry.
Sb1070 in arizona forced all the money out of the area I was located in faster than I could move. If I had foreseen the damage that sb1070 would do I would have saved up for this disaster. The 15,000 I had is now all invested.
My new location is less than 1000 yards from asu university, a great location I have deals with suppliers to stock most of the goods like beer, tobacco, soda and chips. But I need to come up with 1550$ in liquor license fees 450$ dept of heAlth fees and another 3000$ to complete my stock. Just a drop in the bucket right a laugh. Brings a tear to my eye to think such a small amount is holding me up.
After my restaurant failed I have been barley treading water. My credit took the hit hard.
So I can’t get a loan.
I have been ebaying to keep the lease up during the approval process but with bills and everything else I’m not making any head way. I’m sure in a few month I will probably be ahead enough to open with out any help. But then I’m still paying the lease on a building I can’t open..
Does any one have any ideas how I could possibly put together 5000$ in order to open. I don’t want a partner just an investor I am willing to pay with interest and fees 10,000$ in 12 months. And use the LLC as collateral.
Form research on similar locations in the area with similar sq footage I project around 10,000$ per month in profit with a gross of around 70,000 per month. And that is a low end estimate during the school year.
Any ideas. No cynics please. I know I messed up.

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One Response to “Opening A Liquor Store Just A Little Short On Capital To Open.?”

  1. Kyle says:

    Honestly, at this point… Your best bet in MHO is to look for an investor. With your credit being in the condition its in you’re not going to be able to get that at a bank. You need to go sell your business model to someone. Do you have collateral you could put up? house? car? those are things that could give an edge despite your credit. Sorry if this doesn’t help :/
    Edit: also, do you have anyone close to you who would be willing to cosign on a loan? If you know someone with good credit $5000 is feasible.

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