Orange Skirt And Tank Top; Will It Work?

So basically, i’m going to this fancy dress party with my friends, we’re dressing as Super Mario characters. i’m daisy. we couldn’t find a cheap daisy costume, so we tried to find a cheap plain orange dress, no luck. would a orange tank top, tucked into a orange skirt work? i’m extremely low on money so yeah :/
Something like this:ā€¦

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2 Responses to “Orange Skirt And Tank Top; Will It Work?”

  1. iamlost says:

    Dont worry its nice am sure your going to look amazing… i liked it but if you think its not working then do something with your hair and Face look realy prity that people forget to notice tht dress šŸ˜‰ am sure you will do amazing enjoyy šŸ™‚

  2. Candido Cruz says:

    I’m sorry to tell you this but the clothes you picked wouldn’t work. You picked a too tight skirt. Daisy’s dress is puffy. Your shirt wouldn’t work either. Your shirt and skirt needs to have designs.
    Here are some tips to make you look more like her
    1. tease your hair and make it look big but short
    2. like i said before, your outfit should be puffy
    3. wear some big earrings and a crown
    4. your outfit shouldn’t be all the same color
    5. have fun!

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