Ordered a Ps3 from www.amazon.co.uk ?

Ordered a Ps3 from www.amazon.co.uk, and its been dispatched today as i got an email saying this and they said it will be around about the 13th march when it comes and as im a student i will be at school and my parents will be at work, so what will they do with the ps3? will they leave it round the back:S obviously i wouldnt want them to! or would they leave a slip in the door and then i collect it the day after?

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3 Responses to “Ordered a Ps3 from www.amazon.co.uk ?”

  1. "isitme" says:

    If it’s coming via Royal Mail, they will leave a card stating which Post Office you can pick it up from.

  2. DJCusack says:

    Sometimes they give it to your neighbours for you to collect off of them, or they will leave a slip for you to collect it at the post office.

  3. Cristhian F says:

    if i was u and was very excited to get it i problably wont go to school and stay =D

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