Ordering stuff on Amazon.co.uk?

im going to order 2 things which are already released. but im getting my mom Sex in the city 2 which would be pre ordered. would i recieve my already released things before sex in the city 2 come? or would they all come at once?

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3 Responses to “Ordering stuff on Amazon.co.uk?”

  1. Dan X says:

    It depends on what you want. You can choose at the checkout what you want. If you decide to have them delivered at different times, its still fine .You wont get charged for the pre – release until they post it .

  2. Techmaster123 says:

    I believe you can select whether to deliver items together or seperatly at a point during the checkout process, but I imagine they would send the already released item first anyway by default

    Hope it helps

  3. Rapiid says:

    From past experience, if you order them all at once then they will wait til they are all ready to be sent off meaning you would have to wait for the last DVD and then they will all arrive together. If you order them all one after the other, then you will get them all separately.

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