Oriental Carpets

The hand woven rugs from the eastern countries of the world have always been popular and over the years, these beautifully crafted silk, wool or cotton items by the name of oriental carpets have always charmed the eyes. Hand woven carpets from Western Europe and Northern Africa have been quite a fancy all over the world. Then again, the oriental countries like Romania, Egypt, Uzbekistan and Caucasus region between the Caspian Sea and the Black Sea are also known to produce beautiful hand woven rugs.


The tradition of carpet weaving dates backs to several thousand years in history and countries like India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran, China and Turkey are regarded pioneers in this rug weaving tradition. In the recent years, in 1949, the oldest complete rug was found in the Pazarik Valley of Siberia at the burial site of a Prince. The frozen rug dates back to over 2500 years. The Hermitage Museum of St. Petersburg has preserved it for display. Then there are these famous Persian rugs. These are actually made in Iran. An antique Persian rug (which is 100 years or more), was however woven in the former empire of Persia whose borders then stretched much longer than the current Iranian boundaries.


In countries like the U.S, these carpets are machine made and hence they can’t be called the original but “Oriental design” Carpets.. About 3000 hours of weaving go into the making of an average 9 x 12 hand woven rug. Then of course there is additional time that goes in designing, dye preparing, wool spinning and loom setting.


The appearance of a room can easily be brightened with the beautiful oriental carpets. These carpets are available in different styles each with their unique designs. Some of the major categories of these oriental carpets are:

·         Tribal rugs

·         Persian rugs

·         Antique rugs

·         Turkish rugs

Source by Rama Krishna

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