Oriental Rugs – Are Handmade Carpets Worth the Cost?

If you have started looking around for a nice handmade rug for your home, you have probably noticed that they don’t come cheap. Handmade rugs are sometimes expensive, but there is a good reason for this. Anything handmade is worth more than it’s machine-made counterpart, whether it is a hand-knitted sweater, a handmade piece of jewellery, or a handmade rug.

Now, you might be sitting there saying to yourself what the majority of people tend to think, “Why would I pay that for a rug, when I can go down the street and buy a machine-made rug for a fraction of the price.” There is a very good answer to this question. Handmade rugs are worth more and unlike many other types of handmade goods, handmade rugs actually increase in value over time.

OK, let’s back up a bit. Let’s start with the process for making these handmade rugs. First, the materials must be gathered and made ready. These are all natural materials, including high quality wool from the best sheep and natural dyes to create the vibrant colours used in the rugs. So before the rugs are made, time must be spent collecting the wool, washing it, carding it, and hand-spinning it. Then the wool is dyed. Once this is done, the weaving itself begins.

The weaving of a rug is done on a loom. The woven part of the rug is done with cotton strings, which are set on the loom and then the wool is hand-tied onto the cotton strings. To complete one row of knots can take many hours, depending on the size of the rug. Attention to detail is incredible and the weaver ensures a very tight weave. A rug that is 6 feet by 9 feet can take 4-6 months to create and that is when the person is weaving for hours every day. Just imagine how labour-intensive that is.

After the rug is completely woven, it will be carefully inspected to ensure there are no flaws or defects. The pile will be checked to make sure it is even across the surface of the rug, trimming any areas that need to be evened out. Then the rug is lightly washed to get rid of excess dye and then it is dried and readied for shipping.

In addition to the rug-making process, each oriental rug is completely unique. There is no mass production and each and every one is a true work of art. These rugs are designed and made by people who put their lives and culture into their work. When properly cared for the rugs do not wear with age, but look better with each passing year and their value increases with time, just as any work of art. See for example the colours and beauty of antique rugs.

Consider how much goes into making one rug. The months of weaving and then the inspection that comes after the weaving is complete. Then of course, there is the preparation of the materials prior to weaving. Is it any wonder these rugs cost so much? After all, if you spent months weaving a rug and it was your livelihood, then you would want to be paid well for it. Not only is the process labour-intensive, but the rug is of far higher quality and will last far longer than a machine-made rug.

Source by Hakan Guzelgoz

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