orlando park tickets/vouchers?

hi all i am thinking about buying park vouchers for disney and universal but how do i go about changing these for park tickets once i get there do u just hand over voucher at park once and they give u ticket or do u need to do this every time u visit the park
buying vouchers from virgin thanks for the help so far

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2 Responses to “orlando park tickets/vouchers?”

  1. Bluecalamari says:

    You just take the vouchers to a ticket window at any of the parks and they hand over the full load of tickets you have ordered. It’s easy.

    The ticket windows at Disney are separate from the park entrances – at the Magic Kingdom for instance you get your tickets and then board the monorail or steamboat to the entrance where you go through the turnstiles and security checks.

    Get to whichever park you have chosen early on your first day (1/2 an hour before the scheduled opening time) and redeem your vouchers before a queue builds up.

  2. insolentmuffin says:

    Where are you planning on buying them? If you buy them online from the Disney or Universal site, you should see a special line you have to stand in at the park entrance and there they should give you a ticket for the amount of time you purchased that will let you go in and out of the park as you please without waiting in a ticket line until that time is up. If you want to go to the park for more time than that, you’ll have to buy another ticket.

    Be careful if you’re buying a voucher from anyplace other than an official location – it’s easy to get ripped off that way.

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