Our Constitution Has Been Sent In Exile, How Do We Bring It Back?

nobody cares about it anymore, which to me is a shame, because I love our Constitution, I personally think that it is the best supreme law in the world, yet politicians don’t talk about, well at least most don’t, and people don’t seem to care about it. And the government has taken away many rights, and we ARE SLOWLY becoming socialist. For example, why do I have to pay for someone else’s healthcare? You can criticize me all you want, but universal healthcare is not the best choice for America. A free market healthcare system is, and always was. And then, the government got involved in healthcare and now we no longer have a free market healthcare. What’s to stop them from even further getting involved in education, when clearly there should be competition, school vouchers, and school choice, and it is the parents responsibility, not the government on where you send you kid to school. So how do we bring our Constitution back, and do you think politicians are close to getting rid of the constitution?

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2 Responses to “Our Constitution Has Been Sent In Exile, How Do We Bring It Back?”

  1. Cantanke says:

    What amendment did we violate and why doesn’t the right wing supreme court think so?
    Where in the constitution does it say that the government cannot promote social welfare?
    HINT: It says the opposite.

  2. ellie says:

    I agree with the first point highlighted by the first answer – doesn’t Congress have the right to regulate taxes? If citizens don’t want to pay for healthcare, that is their choice, politicians are just saying that there is a kind of ‘penalty’ (want of a better word) for not abiding by this.
    What about the recent gun control legislation failure? Wouldn’t one call that a triumph for Republicans with the objective of protecting the 2nd amendment at all costs? Anymore gun control legislation is likely to face similar opposition by a Republican-dominated House.
    Many originalists/textualists of the constitution still exist today as well, look at the Supreme Court’s Antonin Scalia, and this is even more significant if you consider the increasingly powerful nature of the highest court.
    I think as the Constitution is an aspect of the country so ingrained in the culture of the USA, which has also survived for over 200 years, it’s a long way from being eradicated, by politicians or anyone else.

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