overall did i get a bargain????

i bought the following yesterday for 100 euro (67 pounds)

-vestax pdx-d3s turntables(pair)
-vestax pcv-275 mixer
– sennheiser hd 497 headphones

but the following is wrong:
missing needles for the decks so how much to replace???
and channel 2 does not work due to the whole switch being missing is it replaceable and how much??
overall i think i got a bargain but what do you think???

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4 Responses to “overall did i get a bargain????”

  1. JODY F says:

    sounds ok to me i think headphones are worth that nearly. As for needles shouldnt cost you more than fiver each just look in yello pages for local record shops there best. Switch sounds pretty ok to sort out i suggest you try to do yourself if possible as you might get ripped for what sounds like a small job

  2. sam says:

    not a clue but il av the points thanx!!!!

  3. hippiechick says:

    I call that a bargain…the best you ever had!

  4. iloveF1 says:

    no thats still a bargain. it might cosr you a but to fix, but you’ve still saved some.

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