overall did i get a bargain????

i bought the following yesterday for 100 euro (67 pounds)

-vestax pdx-d3s turntables(pair)
-vestax pcv-275 mixer
– sennheiser hd 497 headphones

but the following is wrong:
missing needles for the decks so how much to replace???
and channel 2 does not work due to the whole switch being missing is it replaceable and how much??
overall i think i got a bargain but what do you think???
these faults dont actually effect the products that much but i was told about them when i was buying them but all together this is al worth around 1000 euro/670 pounds so yea
fuck me 60 pounds for a pair of bleedin needles haha wel i was told a pair was 50 euro but il find out in the mornin wont i

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4 Responses to “overall did i get a bargain????”

  1. Faz says:

    You have a total bargain there, my Technics 1210’s were £685 for the pair WITHOUT a mixer, Vestax are worth the same if not more!!

    Do you have cartridges or are you just missing needles/styli?

    Cartridges will be between £20-£50 per pair (depending on how much you want to pay/make etc.)

    Needles are about £20 per pair (if u bought cartridges you get needles included)

    If u want some more exact prices, e-mail me and I will make u a list and u can explain exactly what you are missing:)

  2. trishna_pg says:

    Wow they saw you comming
    made their money out of you and are now laughing all the way to the bank
    I’m just wondering did you know about these faults, sounds like you didnt
    hate to say it they got you good and proper!!

  3. t11omo says:

    I’d say you got a bargain. You can get a pair of needles for about £60 here, not sure where you are or how that works in euros, sorry. The switch may be harder but see if you can buy a same model for spares or repair and swap the parts over.

  4. charlotterobo says:

    You got yourself a bargain ! the vestax d3s are a good direct drive deck you can buy the cartridges for them at http://www.maplin electronic`s.co.uk ( around £35 with stanton needle`s ) not sure if that is a 4 channel mixer but even if it is a 2 channel it can be repaired for around £25 headphones ? don`t use them ……… defo a bargain though ………….. you wanna sell em on ?????

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