P0420 Code, Do I Fix The Car Or Get A New One?

Im SO frustrated, I have a 2005 Scion tC, 96,000 miles, CEL came on, first time, the codes were a few misfires, an O2 sensor, and possible bad catalytic (P0420)
Its frustrating because, the car is MINT, I would like to keep it for another 2 years, no payments, etc.
But the CEL is back on and its a P0420 again, but no other codes. First I thought it needed a good tune up, but my idiot friend cleared the codes by mistake. I replaced the spark plugs, I was going to do the 2 ignition coils, but since my idiot friend erased the codes, they dont know which cylinders were misfiring.
So all I did was replace the sparks and got a good system flush. And now after a hundred miles (a cycle) its back on.
The car idles a little rough, the gas mileage sorta blows, but always did (only gets 27 MPG highway!!!), there is no smell, and from what I feel, no resistance or loss of power, I can still get it up to 55 MPH quickly with no probs.
One says this, another says that. Should I just trade it in, and get a new car? Or fix this?
I want to fix it, but seems every garage I have brought it to, have different opinions. I dont want to dump money into this car thats not needed, example, the Cat, or Ignition Coils.
If they told me, YES, its JUST the CAT, I would replace it, but then why the misfires? Why the O2 code?
Part of me says I should replace the ignition coils (I already have 2) and do the sparks again, and perhaps the O2? BUT I dont know which one! The codes are not there, should I keep driving until they come back?
Confused and frustrated.

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3 Responses to “P0420 Code, Do I Fix The Car Or Get A New One?”

  1. Country Boy says:

    You’ve been on this site many times with the same question. Any Toyota Dealer can tell you which oxygen sensor is bad, which ignition coil is bad and we’ve already told you about a discount Toyota parts warehouse dealer where you can by a replacement converter.
    Here are four websites to buy ignition coils, oxygen sensors and Walker direct fit, catalytic converters: partstrain.com, autopartswarehouse.com, autopartsgiant,com and partstrain.com.
    For gosh sakes man, the body will rot off the car before any real high dollar mechanical part will. The car will roll 400,000 miles if you change the synthetic motor oil every 5,000 miles, air filter every 20,000, fuel filter every 50,000, Denso spark plugs every 100,000, new serpentine belt every 60,000, have the cooling system drained flushed and CLEANED every 70,000, have the transmission fluid changed every 100,000,
    You sound like a person who never has any preventative maintenance done in which case drive it to a scrap heap!
    REPAIRING THE CAR NOW IS A LOT LESS EXPENSIVE THAN BUYING A NEW ONE. The car isn’t worth crap if you trade it in now. Get off the dime and take it to a Toyota Dealership and get it fixed.

  2. Michael S says:

    You put new spark plugs in and that’s good. If two of the ignition coils are bad, then the other two can’t be far behind.
    For around $100 get a complete set of coils and change them all.
    Oh, and you don’t have to post a question twice, you just need to go back to the original one and read the Answers.

  3. Tin Le says:

    take off your cat and clean it (if possible)
    check for exhaust leaks
    replace your ignition coils
    replace the after cat O2
    replace cat
    check intake system
    good luck!

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