Panic Attacks, ways of dealing with them?

Recently I have been experiencing what they call "panic attacks" on some dedicated forums.
I would really appreciate it if you could share what you think are the most effective ways to deal with them.
I really need something effective – I just transferred to the second best University in the UK, and I cannot afford to be drawn back by psychological issues like this.
PS. I think these attacks are somehow related to the fact that I had OCD for pretty long time (I kind of managed to overcome it though).

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3 Responses to “Panic Attacks, ways of dealing with them?”

  1. Alex A says:

    Oh you poor thing, I have them to and would not wish them upon anyone. My panic attacks feel like I am exploding from the deepest part of me and I practically have a seizure while staying completely responsive.
    They are usually caused by looking on to far into the future and worrying about what will come, then you realize that you cant do anything about what will come which just stresses you out even more. I also have a slight case of OCD and could see how they would be related as OCD makes you crave control and when you crave and are denied control your body tends to stress out a bit.
    How do I deal with them? Well for a while I was on some stress meds, but they made depressed and gain weight like crazy. So I dropped those, they didnt even completely get rid of them, they just lessened them.
    The best way I have of dealing with them is just getting through them, by deep breathing and focusing on something calming, something I like to do. I will listen to some music and sing along. It helps to bring me in and focus on the task at hand.
    If you just stay calm and try to discern between what you can and cant change, and what is important at that very moment you will be fine. Something like panic attacks can only control and hinder you if you let it.
    Hope that helps.

  2. webbster says:

    think posative, deep breathing, and another way of doing it to to recognise the feeling of a panic attack and and recognise the feeling of being relax and when ur having a panic attack recognise the feeling and imagine it leaving your body like dust in the wind till you feel the relaxed state

  3. bouncer bobtail says:

    Breathing exercises are the most effective way of controlling and preventing panic attacks. It takes a lot of courage at first to trust that deep slow breathing will overcome the symptoms of hyperventilation, but it works 100% of the time. Once you have experienced it working, you will be less worried about panicking and you will have less attacks.

    Your doctor can prescribe beta blockers. These will make you a little tired until you get used to them. Beta-blockers control your heart rate, which in turn prevents hyperventilation. It is not ideal to be using beta blockers, but they are less problematic than using anti depressants.

    A healthy diet and proper sleep pattern will always reduce anxiety and stress. Make sure you get some sun in the early morning to set your body clock for the day. Avoid caffienne in the evening as it interferes with sleep rythms.

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