Parents How Can I Make A Life For Us When I Am Already Screwed?

I was accepted into a university but I face the problem of getting there because I currently live four hours away from the campus. I am taking online courses for the time being. I am trying to rent an apartment but my credit history is hindering that process greatly. I have a housing voucher and so I receive help in paying my rent but I still face the issue of my credit.
I recently found out that I have $8000 in arrears. So I am basically screwed. I have all of the money to pay first, last, and security up front but I feel that no one will rent to me because of my history. I just made a bad mistake when I was younger by taking out a series of credit cards and then defaulting on them. On top of that my name has been used a few times for heat and cable when I was younger. Those bills were all defaulted on.
So I am 26 now. I have horrible credit which means I will probably never be able to rent a place, get a job, or even get basic utilities in my name.
I am ready to move out, finish school, work and provide for my child and secure her future but how can I with a history like this?
I am going to fill out two applications but I figure once they see my credit that will be it. I told the landlords ahead of time about my credit and they did not say anything.My application was recently rejected by this community type housing and so I am trying to go directly to the landlord to rent out a place.
My child is 7 which means I really need to get into my career so she can have the things that she needs. I don’t have a significant other and her dad is absent so I don’t have any help with cosigning or anything like that.
At this point I am considering a hotel/motel.
I need serious advice please.

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  1. Maggie says:

    You can rent an apartment with poor credit. I did it several times. The larger complexes (rather than houses, duplexes, and fourplexes) are more likely to rent to you because they are larger corporations. Most will require a larger deposit to protect against default. When looking for an apartment, be honest with landlords. It helps to tell them upfront that you do not have good credit, but are working towards rebuilding it and a new life for yourself and your child. It’s much better to tell them before they find out running the credit check. Make yourself a desirable renter in other ways. Being a nonsmoker, quiet, and polite, with no pets will help you stand out. Present yourself like you would at a job interview.
    You can start rebuilding your credit, too. I went through a bankruptcy 5 years ago and I now own a home, a new car, and have a large amount of savings. My credit is good. Start by either paying down your debts or declaring bankruptcy. Starting over is often the best choice. Things that improve your credit are making all of your payments on time and improving your debt-to-credit ratio. This means that if you have a $500 credit card that you don’t use, your credit score is improved simply because you have credit that is not being spent. A few years after declaring bankruptcy, you will get credit card offers again and be able to start rebuilding your credit.

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