Parents, Why Do You Steal Your Children’s Candy On Halloween?

you tell them it’s wrong to take without asking but take their candy without asking. candy goes on sale the day after so it’s not like it’s a expensive to buy a bag for yourself.

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4 Responses to “Parents, Why Do You Steal Your Children’s Candy On Halloween?”

  1. DV says:

    They probably do it because kids get FAR too much junk food on halloween, especially if there’s more than one kid of trick or treating age in the family

  2. ksbdn says:

    Because they feel like their kids owe it to them.

  3. Lilly Beth says:

    idk our parents are greedy sometimes

  4. Arrie says:

    i think of it as a tax for going out and walking around with them for hours and hours. not like i can knock on the door and ask for my own. besides i have 3 kids out trick or treating so that is a HUGE bag of loot when you put it all together. they don’t need that much candy and i taught them to share so it isn’t a problem.

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