Particularly Tricky Maths Question?

If a school district spends $8,000 per pupil and pays $4,000 for a voucher for each pupil who leaves the public school system, will the total cost of educating all the students go up or down when more students begin using vouchers to transfer out of the public schools?

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One Response to “Particularly Tricky Maths Question?”

  1. Elliott's Tech Show says:

    School spends $8000 per pupil
    Pays out $4000 for every pupil who leaves
    School pay $8000 for pupil + $4000 when they leave to go private = $12’000
    Cost of education will likely go up as extra $4000 is being spent for every pupil of pupils who leave.
    Could also stay the same if $8000 budget covers the $4000 voucher.

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