Pay as you go deals.?

Heya everyone.
Im with tesco mobile and i top up my phone £10 a week,The deal i have now is if i spend £15 a month i get calls for 10p a minutes and texts for 5p to anyone on any network.
But im sure there must be a better deal for me as if i talk to someone for 10minutes it costs £1.

What pay as you go deals are better for this.As i text alot and also call out alot.


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  1. karen h says:

    tesco’s will give one of the best deals around…it pays them to do that. stay with ‘pay-as-you-go’…because once you go to contract deals…they promise you loads of stuff…and you can never actually monitor what free calls & texts you have actually received…i know, because both of my daughters had contract…and they were so much worse off…they could never work out what they had or hadn’t used…& the bills were SO complicated.

    personally…i am pay-as-you-go Orange..and i am really happy with them.

  2. Phill M says:

    Best thing to do is make a chart on what you send ie text messages and mins, and then at the other networks ie 3 or O2 you might also want to invest some time walking around the shops in town and ask them, when you have your usage writtern down.
    Also, find out about add ons.

  3. chobalobba says:

    i am on t mobile and the price plan im on is called text appeal and all text’s are 3p calls are 10p per min but there is a price plan called mates rates but not sure what the call costs are on this

  4. screaminginnocently says:

    well alltel has a pay per day plan
    Unlimited Mobile-to-Mobile
    Unlimited Night & Weekend Minutes
    Unlimited Favorite Number Calling
    Unlimited Text Messaging
    Plus, all other calls are only 10¢ a
    here is a link

    verizon offers you The simple way to get IN for just 99¢ every day.

    Unlimited IN Calling
    Talk with over 60 million Verizon Wireless customers without using any of your balance
    TXT Messaging, PIX & FLIX Messaging, Ringtones, VZ Navigatorsm, V CAST Music and more
    10¢ per minute with Unlimited Night Minutes
    here is a link The simple way to get IN for just 99¢ every day.

    cingular offers
    Unlimited Nights & Weekends on select plans
    Includes $10 PIN to get you started.
    Rollover® Balance™ lets you carry over your unused account balance when you refill before your balance expires.
    • No long distance or roaming fees across our national service area.

    and for every 100 dollars you spend you get 20 back…hope it helps i’m not sure if you get these services over there…but i know virgin mobile is pretty good also

  5. ameelu says:

    it is not a bad deal actually,though i was too lazy to do much research before going with tesco(i know they were better than who i was with before) but if you have high usage another deal might be better for you. just wanted to tell you that with tesco you can get 10% discount if you pay by direct debit. you can cancel the direct debit at any time you like but youll get the same amount of calls for £13.50. so 10 mins on the phone would cost you 90p then. ill keep an eye on this question and check out the better deals!

  6. Rusty says:

    The new deal on 3 is that you buy a simpack for £2 but if you get credit worth £10 you get the sim for free.

    For £15 you can get 300 min/txts + 300 3 to 3 mins
    £18 500 min/txts + 300 3 to 3 mins
    £21 700 min/txt + 300 3 to 3 mins

    + for internet users £5 gives you 2gb allowance.

    Not bad at all.

    Drop me a mail or IM if you need more information

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