Pc Specifications Help?

can this pc max games like minecraft bf3 and crisis out while recording also is it 64bit or 32bit

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One Response to “Pc Specifications Help?”

  1. Sir Walrus Cauliflower The Grand says:

    Not sure about the OS.
    Read the reviews.
    There is NO way that could Max BF3, it wouldn’t run it.
    Maybe buy that PC and an Intel core i5 3570k, and it would probably handle it, not ultra, but not terribly.
    That’s CHEAP man. You can get the i5 for under $200.
    EDIT – Yeah, buy that PC, and Windows 64-bit. It doesn’t come with an OS, But not a bad GPU.
    That Ram is only 4GB, but that’s withinBF3’s range.
    You would do well with just an Intel core i5, but buy an 8gig RAM and order windows 64-bit. That’s quite the deal.

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