People Are Asking What To Buy Bump? Someone Give Me A List Of Essentials/useful Things?

I have some amazing friends and family and I’m very lucky as many keep asking what we want for bump! 🙂
We’ve currently bought.
Our pram (which turns into a pushchair)
Our nursery furniture (cot, wardrobe, drawers)
Car seat,
Moses basket,
Rocking crib,
Odds and sods clothes wise,
Baby bath,
Changing mat.
Can anyone give me a list of essentials so I have an idea what to ask people for when they ask me? I feel awful asking for vouchers as obviously people want to buy us something useful?!
Any other things people have found useful from experience?
🙂 any ideas welcome
Also found out were having a little girl if that’s relevant! X

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3 Responses to “People Are Asking What To Buy Bump? Someone Give Me A List Of Essentials/useful Things?”

  1. MyNameIs says:

    Boxes and boxes of nappy’s!;-)
    Some blankets?
    Cot bedding?
    Some more clothing, you’d probably go through a lot a day…
    Socks? Shoes? PJ’s?
    Hope this helps! Congratulations!!

  2. ihavease says:

    Nappies and wipes but you need to wait until baby is born to find out what size you need.
    We bought my SIL a voucher for a restaurant with a baby sitting voucher which was used when the babes was 6 months old and he was weaned. Bliss for her but you can’t really ask for this.
    We also bought for his first birthday clothes for 18 months up which she loved so she didn’t have to worry about that at that time so why not ask for clothes 12 months up.

  3. Samantha Alexander says:

    well you need eveything you need for the baby
    babt bottles

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