People Who Have Taken The Hunter’s Education Test?

Hey. I just took my home course for the hunters education,(since I didn’t want to take an 8 hour class) I passed the course and got a voucher. It says that I now need to take a final test in person. My question is, is it an electronic test or on paper? Add anymore info if you want to.

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4 Responses to “People Who Have Taken The Hunter’s Education Test?”

  1. Expendab says:

    I took the in person course 9 years ago. For me the final test was on paper and was multiple choice.

  2. Kid with a 12 gauge 11.0 says:

    The one I took was on paper,it was very very easy.
    It took me about 10 minutes and only got like two wrong,the two I got wrong were regarding hypothermia.

  3. Big Buck says:

    I took it when I was like 12 and got a 100, the test was on paper and multiple choice, and we were in a room with desks so no clip boards were given.

  4. Frijid Blue says:

    took mine in 2001, and it was on paper, but it may be computer these days.

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